Vintage Chris-Craft, Water Skiing

Chris-Craft boat company built and sold over 230,000 boats over a 150 year history – most of which were made from mahogany.

Here is a collection of a few of the models we were most passionate about. A few favorites from various ski shows are also in this collection.

Vintage Chris-Craft and Water Skiing
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  1. Hello, your website appeared on my desktop this morning!! I think it was via Pinterest!! Anyway, it is quite significant, all the posters of Chris Craft. My brother who is approaching 83 (Mar 2021), worked with Chris Craft during the late 80s and 90s. He went to the USA in 1957 from Australia as a young 17 yr old, where he was a water skier at Cypress Gardens in the late 50s.
    Anyway, he spent time at Wellcraft before moving on to Chris Craft.
    I would like to send your pages of Chris Craft to him where he lives in Florida. Am I able to ‘share’ these pages via email to him?
    Maybe he has already seen them at some stage over the years, but I thought the posters are wonderful and memborable, even though they were before his time at Chris Craft. The boats of that era where certainly like furniture compared with the fibreglass boats of today.

    Thank you in anticipation
    Kind regards
    Shelley Williams
    Kincumber New South Wales

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